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Information Management Leadership Program

Information Management Leadership Program [IMLP]

About the Program
IMLP is designed to serve as a pipeline for Information Management Leaders for GE. The program seeks to develop the leadership skills, business mastery, and change management expertise as these skills are critical for the functioning and success of the IT function within GE. The duration of this program is 24 months and includes four specific assignments, coupled with intense classroom and distance learning opportunities, in technology, leadership, and Six Sigma. The objective of these learning opportunities is to expose program participants to the use of Six Sigma methodologies, to solve complex business problems, as well as give an exposure to networking design, client-server applications, systems integration, Web development, GroupWare, and enterprise system implementations (ORACLE or other), which facilitates professional and technical growth. The program is uniquely suited for people with strong technical/analytical acumen combined with broad business interests. IMLP consistently develops GE's next generation of leaders in Information Management. IMLP graduates emerge with a strong technical foundation, solid project management skills, sharpened business acumen, and the ability to lead.

Candidate Criteria
The IMLP requires candidates with a strong record of academic achievements, significant leadership roles, and relevant work experience. Demonstrated analytical approach to problem solving, strong communication skills, and coursework or related experience in a programming language are also required. IMLP candidates are required to have a Masters degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Management (with specialization in systems), with a maximum of two years of relevant work experience in the area of Information Technology. The program also encourages people with no work experience to apply.

What it takes to join:
It's important that your strong interest in technical applications is balanced with business acumen. Therefore, the screen used to evaluate IMLPs are as follows:

  • Superior academic achievements
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Solid analytical skills
  • Relevant work experience
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • A business orientation and a commitment to the team concept

Above all, you should be a high achiever prepared to join a company dedicated to technical leadership across an incredibly diverse range of businesses.

Life on the Program
The IMLP is an intensive jump-start program specializing in technical and leadership courses. The 4 unique 6-month rotations put participants through different areas of a GE business and prepare them thoroughly for key technical and leadership positions. Upon successful completion of the program, you'll be a candidate for a wide range of challenging and rewarding Information Management opportunities. As you'll quickly discover, the skills you develop through IMLP will be in great demand in GE's diverse businesses around the globe. Your first position after the program will be with the GE business, which sponsors you on the program and in the country that you join the business. However, this is not a limiting factor for IMLPS since GE encourages its leadership talent to work across many GE businesses….You could also be one of the IMLP graduates invited to join the GE Audit Staff, where you'll develop an in-depth understanding of business processes while gaining a broad business perspective. Depending upon your goals, your career path may take you to related positions in other functional sectors of GE businesses, where your Information Management background can make a significant contribution.

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Rohit Bhayana

Name: Rohit Bhayana
Title: Business Leader
Business: GE Equipment Management — Software Solutions
Education: Masters in Strategy & IT — LSE

After graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science, I completed my Masters degree in Strategy & IT from the London School of Economics.

My initiation to GE took place in 1998 when I joined GE's Information Management Leadership Program (IMLP). Prior to GE, I worked with Cadence Design Systems in India and San Jose, CA, where I was the product owner for their CheckPlus product. After my stint with Cadence, I worked with HCL Corporation in their Strategic Initiatives Group and also Business Development in their Payment Systems Infrastructure business.

During my two-year IMLP, I handled various assignments in GE Capital Services India, GE Corporate Fairfield, GE Medical Systems Milwaukee, and GE Medical Systems India. My first two rotations were with GE Capital where I was the Y2K Leader for Business, IM due-diligence resource for potential acquisitions, Team Leader for Business Contingency Planning, Team Leader for a backroom consolidation project as well as acted as CIO in the absence of one. In my third rotation at GE Corporate Fairfield, I was the Project Leader for Leadership Program Tracking System. I helped revamp the "People" dashboard in IMD, put the reporting process in place and initiated work on Distance Learning. My final assignment under the IMLP was at GE Medical Systems — Bangalore and Milwaukee, where I was the Project Manager for the Indian ERP project and, additionally, I was the Team Leader for the Global Oracle template consolidation project and a Black Belt for the value selling initiative.

On completion of the program in March 2000, I joined GE Global Consumer Finance as their GDC Operations Leader in India. In June 2001, I moved on to GE Corporate, India, as Director GDC Operations and eBusiness Leader. Then in December 2002, I took charge as the Business Leader at GECIS Software (my present position).

Babita Saxena

Name: Babita Saxena
Title: CIO
Business: GE Medical Systems — Asia Growth Markets
Education: MS in Information Systems — Albany '93

After completing my Management Studies in Information Systems from the University at Albany in 1993, I had a short stint as a Business Systems Analyst in a manufacturing firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Following this, I joined General Electric Company in Schenectady, NY into the Information Management Leadership Program.

This two-year course got me involved with the intricacies of IT and management at GE. In these two years, I was involved with various facets of Information Technology at GE in Schenectady, NY. I worked with the Open Systems Technical Services Team to coordinate UNIX server consolidations into GE-CCS (Megacenter) and proactively monitored a variety of server platforms owned by CCS clients to resolve problems (using BMC Patrol). As part of a subteam under Business Applications Services, I defined and customized a client-server-based and managed query tool (Business Objects) for GE-CRD personnel. This tool will enable managers and analysts to access critical ORACLE financial data without any prior knowledge of database techniques. I was also a member of the Network Software Services team at GE-CCS (Megacenter) to standardize SNA-based network session managers across GE.

I believe the IMLP program has provided me with a launch pad to grow in my career. The various rotations gave me exposure to different technologies and roles within IT. The initial impetus that IMLP gave me has helped me in the past 9.5 years in efficiently performing my various roles in various GE businesses. Currently, I am heading Information Technology for Asia Growth Markets at GE Medical Systems and am responsible for the IT infrastructure and IT services for GEMS employees in India, ANZ, SEA, and Korea.

The IMLP is a leadership program that helps put information management careers on the fast track. The program is an entry point for individuals who help create business processes that use information to gain a competitive advantage. Information technology at GE helps facilitate the other functions. It's not just about programming but also about ensuring that the IT needs are properly recognized and managed.

GE has given me choices. Choices in terms of diversity of roles and diversity of businesses where I can excel and contribute to the best of my ability. At GE, results is what matters, and you are empowered to make decisions about how you are going to achieve those results.